Brita Lindstrom for Republican Party of San Diego County Central Committee

Supervisorial District 3

Today, a collective concern is emerging as people unite against issues such as riots, homelessness, shoplifting, schools fostering racism through Critical Race Theory (CRT), inflation, and chaos at the border. In this pivotal moment, we have a unique opportunity to introduce Republican solutions that champion law and order, provide compassionate and accountable treatment for the homeless, advocate for legal immigration, and ensure equal access for all. We need strong, conservative constitutional candidates now! People crave leaders who advocate for:
  • Protection of Citizens (secure borders, crime reduction, safe neighborhoods)
  • Parental Rights
  • Preservation of gun rights
  • No new taxes and reduce spending
  • Freedom of Religion
A San Diego GOP Central Committee that reflects these principles is an integral part of achieving these goals.

I am running to be your representative on the Central Committee.

What are the primary duties of the San Diego GOP Central Committee?
  • Exercises general direction over the Republican election campaign for Republican endorsed candidates in the County.
  • Endorses and Supports the election of GOP Candidates.
  • Advocates at local, state and federal office levels.

I am honored to have been endorsed by:
  • California Screaming Eagles
  • Continuing the Republican Revolution
  • Awaken Church (RMNNT)
  • Young Republicans of San Diego
  • Becca William (Schoolboard candidate 2022)
  • Biblical Voter (Salt and Light).
  • San Diego Asian Americans for Equality
What is my vision for the San Diego GOP Central Committee?
  • Competent, Conservative, Constitutional Leadership: Striving for elected officials who embody competency, conservatism, and a commitment to constitutional principles, making San Diego truly America‚Äôs Finest City.
  • Engaged and Proud GOP Constituents: Fostering active engagement and pride among GOP constituents; building a community that is supported by the San Diego GOP party and one that reciprocates by supporting the San Diego GOP Party.

How can this vision be accomplished?
  • Commitment to Candidate Vetting: Enhancing collaboration among central committee members to meticulously vet candidates, ensuring the endorsement of individuals who align with our values.
  • Empowering Endorsed Candidates: After endorsement, a heightened commitment by providing endorsed candidates with the necessary tools and resources for success.
  • Expanding GOP Representation: Helping communities solve problems with GOP value based solutions, making our party's voice and community concerns/desires be heard.

What are my qualifications?
  • Private Sector Experience: With over 30 years in the healthcare sector, I bring a wealth of experience as a retired Registered Nurse (RN) with a Masters of Public Health (MPH). My roles span from bedside ICU nursing to hospital management and administration. I have demonstrated effectiveness in change management and strategic planning.
  • Proven Campaign Leadership: I have managed a campaign (Becca for Schoolboard) and volunteered for various candidates at different levels, showcasing my commitment to advancing Republican values. My enthusiasm and passion have translated into assembling large, well-trained, and motivated volunteer forces.
  • Non Partisan Community Involvement: Actively engaging in non-partisan community concerns demonstrates my ability to reach beyond party lines. My focus on solutions that benefit our community highlights a commitment to inclusivity and effective governance.
  • Dedicated Republican Affiliations: Proudly affiliated with Republican Women of San Diego County, Republican Women of Point Loma, and Republican Women of La Jolla, where I serve in various capacities including Legislative Chair and Campaign Chair. These roles showcase my deep commitment to the Republican Party in San Diego.
Brita Lindstrom in Action